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Case Reports/Series

Vol. 4 No. 1 (2020): Subdued?

Poland Syndrome: A curious anomaly

  • Martin Adjei
22 November 2019


Background: Poland syndrome also referred to as Poland Anomaly or sequence is a rare congenital anomaly characterized by absence or under development of the pectoralis major and sometimes minor muscle with or without limb asymmetry and a combination of other physical anomalies. The global incidence is estimated to be 1:10,000 to 1:100,000 but is thought to be underestimated due to the different degrees of the physical anomalies and a general lack of awareness about the condition. No cases have been reported from Ghana to the best of our knowledge.

History: A sixteen year old girl presented with gross asymmetry of the breasts. Further examination revealed asymmetry of the upper limbs with shortened digits on the left. Anomaly only became noticeable during puberty.

Conclusion: Though defects in Poland syndrome are present at birth, some individuals with Poland syndrome only present during puberty. Poland syndrome can be left-sided and also occur in females though majority of reported cases tend to be right-sided involving males.


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