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Review & Commentary

Vol. 5 No. 2 (2022): Volume 5 Issue 2

World Immunisation Week - What should it mean for Immunology in Africa?

19 April 2022


As with several scientific disciplines, many of the breakthroughs garnered in the field of immunology predominantly involve institutions and researchers from the developed world. Yearly, the World Immunisation Week is celebrated in the last week of April as an immunisation-related campaign strategy by the World Health Organisation. What should be done to increase interest and investment in this area of research in Africa, beyond the primary scope of Africa just being the hub for numerous vaccine-related clinical trials?

If Africa is to contribute further beyond our current capacity and occupy the vanguard of prevailing immunological research, there would be the need to encourage continuous equipping of local researchers and their institutions, established funding from African governments towards studies, and a compassionate scientific partnership with international organisations.


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